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  1. I was caught up in the new atheist movement and I did follow the Thnderfoot controversy a little. The new atheists regularly have conferences but slowly, like many movements, they were being infiltrated by the ultra PC crowd. Over the top feminist atheists became some of the speakers at these events, and they started giving feminist lectures and made detailed anti-sexual harassment rules that they distributed. Thunderfoot showed the convention rules in one of his videos, and they’re hilariously ludicrous. I’ll try to find them, but they made it seem like the male atheists who showed up at these conventions were a bunch of sex-crazed rapists. Thunderfoot, (who I must say has some of the best science videos on Youtube, & is one of the few YTers who actually cites all of the sources he uses in his videos) fought back, & received a full on assault from the PC “free thought” crowd. I actually tried to inform Thunder on his YT account that these feminists were part of a larger PC movement, but I never heard back from him. Now that I think about it, I should have warned him that the new atheist movement, although it’s a movement both him and I believe in, is also part of the larger PC movement.
    I still consider myself an atheist, but I grew tired of that movement. I started to notice there wasn’t that big of a difference between the creationists followers and the new atheist followers. By that I mean, neither of them seemed to be capable of thinking for themselves. On Youtube, they both basically repeated, verbatim, the arguments they heard from the leading creationists and the leading new atheists receptively. The liberal new atheists were all about empirical evidence when it came to creationism and God, but they never seemed to require evidence when it came to PC issues such as IQ and race, or gender differences. The issue in which I decided I had finally had enough with the New Atheists was their unscientific opposition to evolutionary psychology. Before I knew anything about PC, I used to study evolutionary psychology on my own, and I never imagined anyone would have any sort of issue with it because a lot of their hypotheses and theories are just common sense to anyone with even a little background in evolution. After all, we’re animals and we evolved, so just like all other animals, we are going have evolved psychological mechanisms and instincts. Although we are more intelligent than other animals, there is no reason to think their was somehow an erasure of natural instincts, and that we are blank slates, but that’s what they believe. What happened to this need for empirical evidence they’re constantly preaching about?

  2. Any one who thinks that youtuber’s in general and youtube athiest’s in particular needs reevaluate his experience with reality. There is nothing objective about youtube atheists, just watch their videos. We see the same invective and insincerity they once directed against Christians being directed toward themselves. No honor amongst thieves I guess? For all the whining about being mistreated both PZ Meyers and Thunderf00t were both jack-wagons and jerks. It is a sort of poetic justice that they have gone at each others throats. PZ, the coward that he is, never did debate Vox Day who probably would have trounced him.

  3. I think its humorous that the idiot who put together this video, lists Mussolini, GWB and Lenin as say “If you are not with us you are against us.” and not realizing that Lenin and Mussolini were atheists. Yup a dumb atheist again proves the latent tendencies of totalitarianism in atheism. I mean get real did GWB kill 20 million people like Lenin? No. I could see a GWB and Mussolini being compared the Mussolini’s invasion of Ethiopia and GWB’s invasion of Iraq are comparable. Really only people of Genghis Khan, Mao, Stalin or Tamerlane should be compared to Lenin.

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