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Anarchism in the 21st Century: Towards a New Paradigm

Attack the System
Anarchism in the 21st Century: Towards a New Paradigm

April 21, 2013

The Attack the System radio program returns with host Keith Preston.

In this installment Keith discusses:

  • The need for anarchists to reach out to new sources of potential supporters beyond the radical left and the anarchist youth subculture.
  • How the ARV/ATS philosophy of anarcho-pluralism continues the traditions of anarchism without adjectives and synthesist anarchism established by classical anarchist luminaries such as Voltairine De Cleyre, the Magon brothers, and Voline.
  • The observation that most people are not anarchists by nature and the implications of this for anarchist strategy.
  • The Spanish anarchist movement of the 1930s as a prototype for an anarchist-led anti-state populism.
  • The tactical concept of pan-secessionism and how this assists anarchists in bridging the gap between anarchists and non-anarchists, leftists and rightists, radicals and moderates.
  • How individualist, communitarian, and progressive versions of anarchist social morality can peacefully co-exist.
  • Why it is a mistake for anarchists to become absorbed in mainstream political and cultural battles which only strengthen the System as a whole.
  • The possibility of building anarchist-led anti-state populist movements using the pan-secessionist strategy in multiple nations and continents simultaneously in a way that appeals to the historical, cultural, and political traditions of particular peoples.
  • What trends research, demographic analysis, and military theory indicates the world of 2100 will look like and a vision of decentralized future civilizations where anarchism is the prevailing political current.

Run time: 75:24

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  1. Excellent set of thoughts. I was referred here by the AllNationsParty youtube channel who reposted this broadcast and is also in favor of pan-secessionism.

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