Cascadian Flags flood downtown Eugene

Environmentalists, Cascadians march through Eugene, OR – March 3, 2013

A forest of Cascadian “Doug Fir” flags moves through Eugene, OR on 3/3/13 following the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference

A march of environmentalists, eco-radicals & Cascadians took place on March 3, 2013 following the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference in Eugene, Oregon. I participated in one of the conferences’s many panels along with Cascadian activists: Cascadian Bioregionalism and the Indigenous Future. I also attended a packed and very lively panel by Deep Green Resistance. The Cascadian Revolution is nigh.

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  1. Hey, I helped organize this march. Just so you know, everyone in that march would have been down to gang beat Keith Preston’s ass and any other of you racist fucks. Burn in hell.

    • At bare minimum, anarchism means upholding free speech and free association for all and a fair hearing for contending points of view. Without these principles, “anarchism” just becomes another variation of totalitarian leftism, no better than Leninism, Stalinism, Maoism, or Hoxhaism. And indeed much of contemporary anarchism has sunk to that level which is why some of us are working to build a new movement.

    • Here at Attack the System we primarily push anarcho-pluralism and pan-secession from the empire. To that end, the forging of an alliance between Natives and Cascadians is an extremely important task and also the implementation of the strategies we propose here. I figure that the survival of native tribes, anarchist communes/factions, etc. rests on alliances with strong friends and at the very least a cease fire with elements of the populist and libertarian right along with mutual respect for one another’s territory, sovereignty and way of life. The last thing we want is a long, drawn out civil war. At the same time we will need to bring a lot of muscle to the table in order to balance things out in the region.

      As to the racism charge, to my knowledge non of the senior editors here are racist, including Keith. Our outlook on race is that minus a functioning, centralized state and complementary corporate plutocracy the issue of race becomes about as benign of a topic as it possibly can be. I have no illusions of ending racism. People are tribal by nature, and will find all sorts of interesting ways of defining the “other.” My hope is that through decentralized anarcho-pluralism we can all live in some kind of peace; probably something akin to the America’s before the coming of the white man or the Swiss Canton system or maybe even the decentralized American colonies prior to federalization. Fascism is pretty much a dead political philosophy and it should be clear that the Liberal State is the enemy. Denying centralized power to any group ought to be everyone’s goal.

      As to gang beatings…. I live in Portland and plenty of the Cascadian activists I am on friendly terms with know of my ties with ATS. We’ve had plenty of conversations around the topic and there is a ton of mutual respect going both ways. I imagine we will continue having these conversations and I am more than willing to have them. So far it hasn’t interfered with us working together. That said, I’m not one to shrink from a brawl.

    • Racism is like alcoholism and drug addiction. It’s always going to be there. The key is to minimize the harm associated with it rather than the otherworldly goal of eradicating it completely.

    • If you Green Fascists ever try to get in the way of my AnCapistan GMO processed foods factory I’ll cluster bomb the shit out of you and use you as fertilizer.
      Suck a dick, EnviroNazi.

  2. Why in the world would you call the Eco- radicals cause they are fighting for the land ? How about decent good people who give a shit about the world and other !!!!!!!

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