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    • Yeah that’s what burns me about all this Islamophobia — all those ignorant redneck scum who partake in it are too stupid to know it was the United States that created Radical Islam by supporting the Mujahedeen and the Shah of Iran. So they use anything in their power to excuse this ‘safe’ form of bigotry — as everyone thinks I look like an Arab (I’m Italian if anyone needs to know) I’ve been on the fucking receiving end of it and it’s not pleasant. Not that the Islamic belief wasn’t stupid to begin with, it got extremely strict due to American foreign policy idiocy.

      So don’t stoop to low crap that Pamela Geller and other kooks ram down our throats incessantly. This has nothing to do with ‘liberals’ or Communism (as loathsome as Communism is, “Islamofascism” has all too easily been the vehicle used to spread the blame in a quite ugly way at that.) The real story is the entire CIA are criminally retarded and they should all be taken to the wall and shot for it.

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