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Feminism: The Goddess That Fails

By Becky Kevorkian


Despite what they would like you to believe, feminists are not for “equality”, they are for the special interests of women specifically, while ignoring very real instances of inequalities against men. If feminists were truly a group oriented toward supporting equality for all, they would focus their message on the empowerment of personal accomplishment rather than trying to convince the world of the demonic, oppressive nature of men while engaging in selective brainwashing propaganda targeting not only men to degrade their accomplishments, but towards the women who are not feeling the imaginary sting of male dominance. Theirs is not a message of empowerment and equality, but rather of guilt, shame, and demands of respect without merit.

The argument addressing the statistics of lower pay for women is a beloved argument of feminists to illustrate the ongoing oppressions of first world women. There are so many reasons why that statistic may be correct, but if you go deeper and more detailed into fields of study, gender specific interests, etc, it really depends on the occupation.

…there is some evidence that men are discriminated against in female-dominated jobs. A 2010 study found that men were less likely to be called for an interview in fields with 65% or more female workers, an attitude which may be reflected in wages. Employment researcher Laurence Shatkin, author of 2011 Career Plan, says that discrimination or feelings of not fitting in could cause higher turnover rates among men in these jobs, which wouldn’t allow them to gain seniority and would negatively affect wages.

No doubt, this is not a quote many will see in feminist articles. In any case, what is the ultimate end result of demanding salary “equality”? That hopefully one day a salary will no longer be a private contract between employer and employee, but public knowledge so each employee can see what the other makes, and everyone will make the same regardless of effort brought to the table?

In the instance of “millennial” women, who don’t feel oppressed to start with, feminists make the concentrated effort to tell women what they should be feeling, or that they’re too blind to see that they should be feeling oppressed.

But progress has given some young women grounds to dismiss feminism’s necessity, Bacchetta said: “We have a long way to go, and the idea that things are OK, that people aren’t thinking about it because they feel like their lives are OK, is also a part of the problem.” –

Millennial women just can’t see the injustices, right? The major milestones of equality have been achieved and now that we’re on a level playing field in a world that is actually quite dog-eat-dog and competitive, we have to bitch about how competitive it is (because of men) and band together for support because we’re too weak to compete alone? Feeling “OK” with one’s place in their occupation, feeling satisfied with one’s accomplishments, and that one is being justly rewarded for those accomplishments is “part of the problem”. Essentially women who feel the need to not declare the “masculine dominated society” in which they are able to excel as the obstacle causing their shortcomings are too stupid to contribute to the successes of other women who do blame men for their shortcomings. This is an assertion that is nothing more than a guilt tripping tactic used to shame well adjusted women into participating in the feminist charade against men.

Feeling accomplished and reasonably competitive on our own merit isn’t enough, we have to feel oppressed, or look into every nook and cranny for some gender norm accusation for whatever scratches we’ve suffered on the way to our successes. Our failures are because of men. Our struggles are because of men. We’re women because of our fathers, too, studies show. We were inadvertently doomed to a life of servitude and the lesser of the sexes at our conception – because of men. IF WE ARE successful, it is not because of our own hard work, but because of feminism.

What I wish more of the so-called “equality” minded feminists preached, is the truth about what is actually liberating: Taking responsibility for your own freedom and equality, as an individual. When you stop trying to blame someone else for any shortcomings- be it salary, economic position, family dynamic, etc – and take hold of your own direction, that is when you will feel free and accomplished.

This assertion is NOT acceptance of the status quo, nor acceptance of real instances of oppression. It’s taking personal responsibility. Yipping at someone’s heels demanding respect is not accomplished any better if you get more people to help you yip. Respect is not genuine if it’s done UNDER DURESS. That is what the majority of feminists do: they demand “equality” under threat of duress- legal complications, protesting, inducing guilt, etc. The resulting “respect” is not because of any actual accomplishment of productivity, by outshining a competitor as an individual, but rather one of reluctance and guilt. It’s not real.

– Becky Kervokian

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  1. We live in the shadow of a power which relentlessly pushes an illusion that anything is possible for any individual at any time. That we live on a ‘level playing field’ but that some people are just too incompetent, too stupid to take advantage of it. Its propaganda machine is so powerful that despite all of the evidence around us to the contrary, we swallow its lies hook line and sinker. So we turn our frustrations and our anger onto the majority of other ordinary people who aren’t able to live up to ridiculous expectations of ‘accomplishment’, instead of at our real enemies – the minority of people that own and control our planet for their own profit and greed. These are the people whose corporations, institutions and governments construct and disseminate the illusions in the first place.

    The only concessions working class people have gained from this scum have been brought about through solidarity and through collective action. They want us to fight amongst ourselves, to be competiive individuals, to follow our leaders and to stay divided by things like race, gender, sexuality or whatever.

    It’s time to focus on our commonality, not our differences. Individually we are just little fish, but together we might just win.

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