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It’s Not the Jews Fault If You’re a Loser

Dr. Sean Gabb on the intellectual sinkhole of anti-Semitism.

This is an ex cathedra statement, not an invitation to debate. It is made in view of certain comments recently posted on this blog.

The problem with anti-semitic conspiracy theories is that they involve continuous selection. Therefore, you take the fact that Karl Marx was a socialist, and overlook that he was a racist and cultural conservative. You take the fact that Mahler was a musical revolutionary, and overlook that he was a German nationalist. You wholly overlook people like Ayn Rand and Ludwig von Mises, or Paul Gottfried and Meyer Schiller. You also overlook how many poisonous lefties there seem to be in Israel, calling for open borders and the demotion of Jewish symbols.

Jews tend to be opinionated and vociferous. There are Jews arguing fluently on each side of every argument. You can put together a very convincing theory of Jewish subversion by selecting certain opinions of certain Jews, and ascribing these to all or most Jews. You are left with a composite Jew that may exist in a few instances, but is not representative of the Jews we meet in our everyday lives.

You could, by using the same method, but applying a different principle of selection, prove that Jews were sexually-repressed white nationalists with a tendency to convert to Roman Catholicism. You will also find examples of the resulting composite. Again, it will be unrepresentative.

The truth is that we’ve messed our civilisation up by ourselves, and would have got where we now are even if every Jew in the world had fallen dead c1870.

The Libertarian Alliance has a long record of defending freedom of speech without exceptions. We are unique among British civil liberties groups in our refusal to make exceptions for “hate speech” to be censored. We are proud of this record. At the same time, this blog is not the place for the primary discussion of such issues. We therefore restate our policy of removing comments from this blog if – though only if – they seem likely to get us into trouble.

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  1. Wrong. You can blame anyone for anything. Disinterested people are allowed to hold “truth” above everything else. A WN holds the survival of his race above. If we need the jew to be responsible for everything bad, we can take that line. If another POV is profitable, we’ll use that.

    It’s not about being a doctor, writing articles, self consistency, but winning. Say what needs to be said, think what needs to be thought in order to win.

  2. It’s true, people always say “Corporate capitalism? Jews’ fault”, “White race is disappearing? Jews’ fault”, “More expensive burgers? Jews’ fault”, but this situation of decadence is OUR fault and WE have to solve it OURSELVES.

  3. Here’s a balanced approach:
    “Moreover, the actual number of proposed repatriates during his Administration was not numerically large, especially in terms of the overall size of the black population. (Phillip W. Magness, “Colonization by the Numbers”)

    Nevertheless, Lincoln worked to the best of his ability within the limits of the possible in the midst of one of the greatest wars this country has ever waged. He lived in an era of rapid social change and intellectual ferment throughout the Western world, when the malign nihilism that had reared its head during the French Revolution was finally birthing modern socialism, Communism, philo-Semitism, and anti-white racism.”

  4. Sad character.

    The first problem with Gabb’s defense of Jews is that he deserves the criticism he makes of antisemites while we do not (“continuous selection”). Who is the antisemite who makes all of the criticisms of Jews in all of the terms Gabb lists? He doesn’t exist except as Gabb’s strawman.

    The second and more important problem is that while he says it’s wrong to generalise about and blame Jews, he himself is willing to generalise about and blame Whites (“The truth is that we’ve messed our civilisation up by ourselves”). This objective racism against his own group to the benefit of a specific other group is sick-making.

    The third problem, for Gabb and for the Jews he’s so desparate to defend, is that his objectively anti-White/pro-Jewish double standards prove us antisemites right. For why would he defend Jews qua Jews at all from criticism he is quite prepared to heap on all Whites qua Whites, except for Jewish influence nudging him to do that?

    • Well for Gabb, disagree with a Jew on ANYTHING and your an anti-semite. It’s a tired old dog whistle. We need to divest ourselves of being
      ” White ” a gift that the Jew have given us at no cost.

  5. I’m not certain Gabb is correct in saying that we would be in about the same situation Jews or not.

    What is certain is that if they all disappeared tomorrow nothing much would change.

    Zionism or if you prefer ‘The Jewish Question’ is a symptom, not a cause.

    The reason is that we have been trained as order followers obeying dictates of authority instead of living by natural law.

  6. In my observation, Jews and anti-Semites are locked in a dialectic of mutual paranoia. Anti-Semites are determined to find a Jew behind everything they don’t like, and Jews find anti-Semitism as the cause of all their ills as well.

    As far as who wrecked Western Civilization, consider the possibility that modernity (or post-modernity, or whatever phase we’re in) is a tidal wave sweeping up Jew and Gentile alike. Consider the decline of religious faith. Surely Jews have advocated for a more secular society because predominantly Christian societies have been hostile to Jews. Okay, but the Judaic faith is in decline as well as the other monotheisms (even if it gets less shit from the “new atheists”). Secularization also robs Zionism of some of its justification, because people are less willing to accept the bible as granting rights to the “holy land.” Or take multiculturalism. Judaism has been far more insistent on endogamy than European societies (or any other, probably), but Jews are marrying outside the tribe at alarming (to the rabbis) rates.

    White Nationalism is ill-equipped to criticize Zionism or Jewish racism because it wants a white Israel. Kevin MacDonald is by the far the most intelligent of the anti-Semites. In The Culture of Critique, he gives an evolutionary profile of European societies versus those from what used to be called the “near east” (Jews, Arabs, etc.). Europeans, especially Northern Europeans, were distinguished by a higher degree of individualism and egalitarianism (especially regarding women, which is not the same as modern feminism per se; traditional Judaism is shockingly misogynistic, and even very socially conservative Americans are incensed by how women are treated in the Muslim world). But does MacDonald or any White Nationalist promote individualism or egalitarianism? Egad, no! But in advocating authoritarianism and egalitarianism, they are casting aside a great deal of European tradition and heritage. It could be argued that Europe was headed for the Enlightenment all along, with a long detour occurring when an obscure Jewish cult was adopted for political reasons by a corrupt bureaucracy. Despite giving this evolutionary profile of whites, MacDonald ascribes all modern individualism and egalitarianism to the machinations of Jews. (With some justification. Jewish intellectuals, from Marx to Freud to Ayn Rand, are the most influential in the 20th-century. The contemporary intellectual milieu is to a great degree Jewish, even when the conversation is between gentiles.) The upshot is that traditional white culture has been undermined by a “culture of critique.” But if this is so, why bother with evolutionary strategies? (Evolutionary psychology is a controversial area that I have not the scientific expertise to judge. But if you say “evolutionary strategy,” I can easily say “conspiracy theory.”) Can there be only one culture of critique?

    Not that they never make some good points, but antisemites have a tendency to look like the gentile version of Jerry’s Uncle Leo:

  7. Dean, let’s say you’re right and the Jew done us, played for and got. Whose fault is that?

    I don’t believe for one second that it is the case that even a minority of “zionists” deliberately undermined the West. However if they did and it worked that can only be because the society was rotten in the first place. Any society so fucked it would succumb to such an attempt would have been doomed anyway.

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