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Obama to support ban on assault weapon sales


U.S. President Barack Obama (Reuters/Larry Downing)

U.S. President Barack Obama (Reuters/Larry Downing)

US President Barack Obama supports a proposal from Senator Diane Feinstein (D-California) that would reinstate a ban on the sale of assault weapons in the United States.

Sen. Feinstein announced on NBC’s “Meet the Press” over the weekend that she helped craft new legislation that was aimed at once again eliminating high-powered firearms from gun stores in the States. On Tuesday, White House press secretary Jay Carney said Pres. Obama will support the act.

“He is actively supportive of, for example, Sen. Feinstein’s stated intent to revive a piece of legislation that would reinstate the assault weapons ban,” Carney told reporters during his daily briefing from the White House on Tuesday, according to POLITICO.

Feinstein, who currently chairs the Senate Intelligence Committee, championed an earlier ban passed by Congress in 1994, but that bill expired only a decade later. On Sunday, the senator said new legislation in the works would perfect that earlier bill.

“It will ban the sale, the transfer, the importation, and the possession. Not retroactively, but prospectively. It will ban the same for big clips, drums or strips of more than 10 bullets,” she told NBC. “There will be a bill.”

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  1. I’d say its more than gun sales. He’s trying to look “progressive” when he is really a full-out capitalist. Plus, the Assault Weapons ban has all sorts of holes and is a horrible bill. If he doesn’t push to close those holes it will still be ineffective.

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