Occupy Sandy Relief NYC

Occupy Sandy Relief NYC is a community relief effort organized by Occupiers to help residents in the hardest hit areas of NYC recover from Hurricane Sandy

Our economic system is set up to look for quick money rather than long-term options, and many of the situations we are seeing are symptoms of that problem. With Sandy, you saw that Goldman Sachs had all of its lights on while NYU medical center was performing an emergency evacuation because they ran out of power. We want to build an alternative economic structure that is based on longevity rather than profit.

We are not only bringing in relief to areas that are not experiencing government aid, but also working with existing organizations to build strong community centers. We are building a relief effort that will still give communities access to necessary resources 5 yrs from now. People who’s homes were lost and businesses destroyed may not have the resources to rebuild their lives. These are the people who are forgotten by short-term shelters and Red Cross tents, because they require a sustainable, local, long-term approach.

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