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SWAT Team Leaves 12 Year Old Burned & Family Terrorized In Bungled Raid

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During an early morning raid in Billings, Montana a SWAT team stormed the home of Jackie Fasching , her husband and two little girls.  During the raid the SWAT team like unit for the Billings Police Department decided it would be a good idea to use flash bangs and kick in the door of a home they suspected of being a meth lab. In the process of the raid one of the flash bang grenades used landed on Mrs. Fasching 12 year old daughter causing 1st and 2nd degree burns not to mention the unseen mental scars her and her sister experienced during this terror filled event.

Well, I am not sure if you are familiar with meth labs but they are not conducive to open flames or sparks as they are extremely flammable due to the chemicals used in the manufacturing of the drug. That being said, the fact that they used flash bang grenades where young children were asleep is moronic and shows that public safety is not the primary concern of some police officers.

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