Public Opinion: Prostitution Should Be Legal


The Global Commission on HIV and the Law issued a report suggesting that nations eliminate laws banning “consensual sex work” — i.e., prostitution. It’s an interesting claim coming from an organization aimed at preventing sexually transmitted disease, but their hope is that legalization would lead to regulation and safer practice. We asked the public if prostitution should be legal.

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Nearly two-thirds of the population admitted that it thinks prostitution should be legal. However, it’s important to understand that this doesn’t necessarily reflect the public’s moral opinion of the topic. The question is explicitly legal. Most people think it should be a choice. One commenter wrote, “By legalizing it, mandatory health screenings can be required for the safety of the prostitute and the buyer. Trying to keep it illegal only keeps the thing in the dark where roaches like to live. Bring it into the light of public attention and those roaches will scurry.”
Men Are More Willing

Should we be surprised that men were more likely to support the legalization of prostitution? Of course, the Global Commission was not referring solely to female prostitution, but it is more often thought of as a service targeted at men. Actually, the difference wasn’t that big. Men were only 11% more supportive than women. Women were still more likely to support legalization than refuse it.
Christian Resistance

Religion and politics provided the biggest defenders of criminalization — Christians and conservatives. Both demographics were significantly less supportive than the rest. Since religion and politics are often closely related, it’s probably not too much of a leap to assume that religion drives this one. Allowing the nation to embrace something that Christians consider to be immoral is a tough call to make.
Older Voters Are For It

Typically, older voters respond similarly to conservative voters. In this case, that means we would predict the older a voter got the less willing they would be to support the legalization of prostitution. Not so. Actually, most age groups were relatively similar. The only one that stood out noticeably was the 55-64 group, and they were 11% more likely to support legalization.


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  1. To quote something I agree with:

    “”What is wrong with the whole damned thing is this: prostitution is illegal, even though there are no victims for this crime, and I don’t care what you think about how there is illegal activity all through the sex industry, it would not be nearly as prevalent if it were a legal business for which folk could lose their license if they were doing bad things.

    Because it remains illegal, this sort of problem will plague online sites and newspapers etc. You can’t get rid of it, can’t keep it in a special section, can’t clean it up. All those problems would be easy to deal with if it was licensed and legal.

    This is just one of the places that government could tax and regulate to ensure a better public health, a safer society, and aid in decreasing or eliminating personal income tax.

    Regulating morality does NOT work. Legislating a prohibition never has worked, especially on things that are victimless crimes. “”

    The war on drugs, and the profanity that religion as wrought on our lives is unforgivable. There is no harm done to societies as has been done by religion and it’s clerics. They are the damnation that they preach about.

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