Negative energy.

Neckbeard Chronicles
By Mojo

My new partner in crime Tim met up with Matt Forney and told him to not write so negatively. Initially I scoffed at the idea, pointing out that negative writing is a lot more entertaining. But I have to concede that Tim and Ulysses are right; it can become draining after a while.

There’s a lot that’s been percolating in my mind since Attack the System started robbing my intellectual content. I’ve spent more time at that site, reading up on the various anarchisms of the right (infinitely more impressive and substantive than left anarchisms with their pathetic liberal pet causes). The ideas of Max Stirner, Julius Evola, Aleister Crowley, even Keith Preston, are so heretical in the egalitarian, progressive modern West. That’s what is so attractive about them – that, and the way they speak to something within me that has been muted, but not destroyed, by totalitarian humanism.

The concept of anarcho-monarchism thrills me, because it offers the possibility of reconciling two concepts that should never fit together, both of which have their appeal. There is something in me which is attracted to individual victory through chaotic struggle, the refutation of universalism in favor of the reassertion of natural supremacy. This ideology offers not a static vision of some utopian end-state, but a process of heroic transformation: divine rule rising from the ashes of a collapsed empire. The ego unleashed to redesign the world in its own image, superseding Kant and Christ.

This is all just a dream. A decidedly masculine fantasy.

But why should one aspire to be equal, when one could aspire to be king?


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