Abolish Government Anarchists = Allies of Wallstreet, Corporations and the 1%

Abolish Government Anarchists: “Don’t vote. We shouldn’t be trying to fix the system by ending the bribery, we should be abolishing government all together. Yes while we tell people not to vote the interests that we are supposidely fighting against will get even stronger and our system will become even more screwed up. But still…Don’t vote!”

Wallstreet, Corporations and the 1%: “Holy sh.., Thanks guys!”.

Abolish Government Anarchists: “Even though we claim to be nonviolent we will not openly challenge any Anarchists that use violence in their tactics…even though it really hurts the perception of Occupy”

Wallstreet, Corporations and the 1%: “The more extreme you become the better for us. Thanks”.

Abolish Government Anarchists: “Even though Occupy has serious issues we need to fix..we’re not going to do it. We are just going to blame all of our problems on the corporate media. Yes they are a big part of the problem but we are just going to blame it ALL on the media so we don’t have to fix our own problems. We’re Anarchists, we don’t give a damn about fixing the system”

Wallstreet, Corporations and the 1%: “We love that about you Abolish Government type Anarchists. Keep it up. Thanks”.

Abolish Government Anarchists: “This movement started out as an open tent movement but in actuality the REAL Anarchists believe that everyone else in the Occupy movement just need to fall in line and believe in exactly what we believe in. The Anarchists may be the 1% of the 99% but we lead this leaderless movement. You say we deceived the public by not advertising Anarchy and led us to believe that fixing the system was the solution? Well we say deal with it!”

Wallstreet, Corporations and the 1%: “Thanks. We know all about deceit and we have to say you Anarchists pulled this off masterfully. We wish you all the success in world and hope you continue down this path. 🙂 “.

Abolish Government Anarchists: “A year into this movement and we still don’t have a core simple message for people to latch onto.”

Wallstreet, Corporations and the 1%: “When you guys first burst onto the scene we were scared shitless. We actually thought this movement had real potential to fix the core issue and stop us from being able to pay off elected officials/threatening them with flooding money to their opponents. But now we know you guys are really here just to help us. Keep telling people not to get involved in the electoral process. We agree. Seriously guys, thanks. You guys are awesome. ”

via the Occupy Wall Street forums

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