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Kurds See Federalism As Best Solution for Syria


The people of Efrin attend the opening of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) office in their city. Photo from loqmanafrin.

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands – As rifts between different factions of the Syrian opposition have deepened and no unified agenda has been declared, many Kurdish activists consider decentralized federal rule as the most appropriate solution for the future of minorities – including Kurds — in a post-Assad era.

Shelal Keddo, a member of the Kurdish National Council (KNC), issued a statement saying that federalism is the most viable and convenient solution for the Syrian issue in general, and the Kurdish issue in particular.

“Because Syrian society consists of a variety of ethnic and religious groups, I believe that a federal rule is the most suitable form for post-dictatorship Syria, and only federalism can guarantee the minorities of their future,” Keddo told Alkurdia News on Sunday.

He added, “There are some blocs in the opposition who share this opinion and are convinced of the principle of federalism for Syria’s future.”

“As it has been successfully achieved in many countries around the world, we should take the idea of federalism for Syria into consideration and study it seriously, and try to look into the possibilities of achieving it in order to prevent any potential civil war in the country after the collapse of the current tyrannical regime,” Keddo said.

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