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Florida’s "Rednecks for Obama" Flag Combines "Hope" Poster with Confederate Flag

From the Miami New Times 

The sight of the image of America’s first black president juxtaposed next to a Confederate flag may be jarring to some, but 16-year-old Lee County resident Ryan Turner, the founder of the grassroots “Rednecks for Obama” movement (or something), says the use of the images together is meant to show that the president has broad support.

Turner’s father died ten years ago from prostate cancer. The disease could have been easily treatable, but the elder Turner was without health insurance and passed away. Ryan Turner believes Obamacare would prevent such needless deaths in the future.

Turner started a “Rednecks for Obama” Facebook page and on the opening of the new Lee County Democrats headquarters he brought a flag which combined Shepard Fairey’s famous “Hope” poster with the Confederate flag.


“If somebody is offended by it, I can understand it because they’re only seeing one half of the flag,” Ryan’s uncle Tony Turner told NBC2.

“We’re rednecks, but we’re not racists,” added Ryan, who sees the flag as a symbol of heritage, not hate.Indeed, leaders of the local Democratic party asked Ryan to take the flag down, but the county’s local NAACP chapter didn’t seem to mind.”Not if the intention is positive,” James Muwakkil, president of Lee County’s NAACP, told the station. “For us to be here in the Deep South, and to see whites embracing an African-American man — we love it.”

The Obama campaign refused to comment on the mixture of the images, but does say it welcomes the self-proclaimed rednecks support.

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  1. I’m not a ’redneck’ (or at least don\’t consider myself one) but I am a Southern nationalist and I would prefer an Obama victory over a Romney victory. There are two reasons why: 1) Obama alienates more Southerners and pushes more people towards Southern nationalism and 2) Obama will likely kill fewer people (by not nuking Iran, for example) than Romney (who has picked a Neo-con friendly VP candidate, surrounded himself with Neo-con warmongers and recently went to Israel in order to fund-raise and pledge his support for them attacking Iran). At the same time, Obama is utterly horrible on all the issues I care about (Third World immigration and foreign intervention being at the top of that list). So, I’m sitting this awful charade out since I can’t in good conscience vote for either men. But I would prefer Obama won. Although, it would be great if all the Southern States (and only the Southern States) went against him. This would be the best possible results for Southern secessionist. It would be similar to the 1860 election where Lincoln (who was hated in the South and received no Southern votes) won but didn’t win any Southern State.

  2. Logically speaking, it’s probably better off for most people (especially foreign brown people) that Obama win the election this year. So far, he’s been killing only a minimal amount of foreigners…but that could change of course. Romney would likely initiate at least a couple wars and bring about the death of millions, strengthen the police state, the surveillance state, the power of the corporate elite etc. etc. (Not that Obama isn’t doing the last three.)

    Strategically speaking, the election of Romney would probably speed up the downfall of the U.S. by about ten years. On the other hand the increasing ‘grassroots power’ of the radical right would likely flicker out. Tricky business, hard to predicate what would happen but I can say that “Romney Regime” is a phrase I don’t think I ever want to hear….

    Wayne Madsen wrote an article about Romney recently that should worry almost anyone who doesn’t have their head up his ass: [Wayne likes to drift into slanted conspiracy territory sometimes but for the most part I think he stayed away from it here.]

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