Anti-Imperialism/Foreign Policy

Suckering Liberals into Supporting Foreign Wars

By Stuart Bramhall

George Washington has written a great post – Why Do Progressive Liberals Fall for Humanitarian War? – on Zero Hedge. It’s quite an an interesting site dedicated to “widening the scope of information available to the investing public.” All posts are submitted under fictitious names. In general the perspective offered contrasts drastically with the mainstream business press.

George Washington makes some great points, starting with reminders of warnings from US founding fathers regarding the tyranny of standing armies and from liberal economists (like Galbraith and Stiglitz) that large military budgets destroy our economy and help the rich at the expense of everyone else.

Among others:

  • Suicide bombings have never been uniquely Islamic and more than 95% occur in response to foreign occupation.
  • Regime change (in Iraq, Iran, Syria, etc) is a very old strategy pursued by the neoconservatives who wrote The Project for a New American Century.
  • In Syria we are fighting on the same side as the al Qaeda terrorists who comprise the majority of the Syrian opposition.

He finishes off with a discussion of the role of the mainstream media – which starts back in 1917 with Edward Bernays, Woodrow Wilson and the birth of the public relations industry – in hoodwinking liberals into taking a position on foreign military intervention that is contrary to their basic value system.

The article is well researched and has extensive links to supporting documentation.

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