Rand Paul Pressures Authorities To Strip Journalist Of Her Press Credentials

Rand gets more sketchy all the time. I admire Ron Paul a great deal, even if I think running for president is not a viable political strategy, but I was always more skeptical of Rand and the more I observe him in action the more I distrust him. This guy seems to be a serious opportunist who’s building a career on his father’s name.


(WAC)  Luke Rudkowski talks with Abby Martin of MediaRoots.org and RT about U.S. Senator Rand Paul’s attempt to get her arrested and stripped of her press credentials for asking him tough questions in the Capitol building.

A week after our video with Abby Martin came out on YouTube, the RT office, where Abby works, got an ominous phone call from the Senate Media Relations Committee.

The Committee was acting on behalf of Rand Paul and threatened both Abby and the entire RT news organization. The threats included ambiguous “charges” for violating the rules of the Committee floor, Abby’s possible arrest and the termination of her and the entire office’s press credentials.

After a month of meetings and deliberation, the Senate Media Relations office backed down and did not make good on any of their threats.

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