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Student Scholarships Available for 2012 H. L. Mencken Club

I’m looking for currently active university or graduate students to sponsor for this year’s conference of the HLMC. If you’re interested in applying, please contact me to let me know and fill out this online application.

The H. L. Mencken Club is interested in attracting young scholars, and is providing a limited number of scholarships for our upcoming conference. While these scholarships will fund the registration cost, it will be necessary for recipients to arrange for their own travel and lodging. This scholarship is available to both undergraduate and graduate students – you will be asked to present a current college ID prior to admission.

Please read about our club, review past conference agendas, listen to our conference recordings and see our videos to determine whether our organization suits you. If you would like to apply for the scholarship to attend our annual conference, please fill out the following form. One of our members will assess your suitability for the scholarship.

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