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Tanks from Saudi Arabia vs. Half-Naked Unarmed Man in Bahrain

Michael S. Rozeff

Tanks rolling toward a Bahrain protester:

Which side was the U.S. on in Bahrain?

The U.S. picks its sides according to power plays that have nothing to do with the fanciful pap about freedom, democracy, morality, obligation, and duty provided for public consumption by its leaders and candidates running for office. The U.S. unswervingly supports a dangerous Israel that has submarines that can deliver nuclear missiles, while it condemns an Iran for even having enriched uranium allowable under solemn treaty provisions, an Iran that has no nuclear weapons and no policy of developing them. The U.S. aims drones against Taliban and al-Qaeda types in Pakistan while condemning their terrorism and assassination. Meanwhile, it assassinates American citizens and is comfortable with terrorist assassinations and bombings in Syria. The U.S. supports the integrity of the Israeli state but actively undermines the Libyan and Syrian states. All of this has everything to do with power, global hegemony, and empire—and nothing to do with principles.

In Bahrain, the U.S. was on the side of the Saudi tanks.

UPDATE. Although the original photo was labeled tanks, they looked to me like armored personnel carriers. One person informs me that this is the case and that they are the U.S. made M-113 model.

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