National-Anarchism: Ideas & Concepts

Signed copies of NATIONAL-ANARCHISM: IDEAS & CONCEPTS are now available to pre-order. The book is over 200 pages in length and costs just £15 with free postage to anywhere in the world. The Paypal address is: More details below.
AFTER the immense interest that was generated by the publication of our previous title, National-Anarchism: A Reader (2012), we decided to ask some of the leading activists, commentators and supporters of National-Anarchism if they would like to contribute to a second volume and elaborate further upon the political, social, economic, practical, cultural and philosophical tenets of this important new current. This resulted in another excellent selection of essays and the book includes chapters such as ‘National-Anarchism as Archetype: A Metapolitical Worldview from the Fourth Dimension’ (Joshua Bates); ‘Practical Applications of National-Anarchism’ (Craig Fitzgerald & Jamie O’Hara); ‘Growing Autonomy’ (Justin Gillespie); ‘Tolerance, Freedom, Equality and Other Such Nonsense’ (Colin Lockwood); ‘Albion Awake! The National Quest for An Alternative Britain’ (Wayne Sturgeon); ‘Against the State: Anarchist Meta-Politics and Meta-Strategy in the Twenty-First Century’ (Keith Preston); and ‘Chained to the Machine: A National-Anarchist Looks at Oswald Spengler’s Man and Technics’ (Troy Southgate). The book also contains in-depth interviews with key movers and shakers like Troy Southgate and Welf Herfurth (National-Anarchist Movement), Keith Preston (Attack the System), Craig Fitzgerald (National-Anarchist Tribal Alliance) and the late Richard Hunt (Alternative Green).

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