Swinging sex parties slowly finding a place among Saudi Arabia’s foreign residents and elite 1


AFP Photo/Getty Images

AFP Photo/Getty Images

Swinging sex parties are slowing finding a place among Saudi Arabia`s foreign residents and elite. One foreign couple gave a sneak peak into their private lives that could cost them their freedom or more in the conservative Islamic kingdom.

The couple, living in the capital Riyadh, says they organize so-called “wife-swapping” parties once a month with up to five couples participating.

“It is something we do and we are not ashamed of it,” said Tara, who asked that her full name not to be disclosed. Partner swapping is the best way “to find out more about ourselves sexually,” she argues.

“What we do is we put all our names in a hat and draw out one woman and one man, then we continue until all the names are counted and then we begin,” her husband Mark said, adding that everyone comes voluntarily and nobody is coerced into participating.

Although everything at such parties is happening with the full agreement of all those participating, the sexual experimentalists fear being caught by authorities. The fears are not groundless, as the Muslim kingdom has very strict sex laws considering any extramarital sex as adultery that is punishable by death.

“That is why these parties are kept very secret. We believe in the concept of sexual freedom and in a country like Saudi it is difficult to really live,” Tara explained.

She told about one alarming incident that happened recently when a neighbor from their building became extremely curious about their gatherings, asking what was going on during the meetings. The couple replied that they were just practiced some massage techniques, but have become increasingly worried ever since.

Besides hosting their own sex parties, the couple said they will also swing by another residence one a month to engage in their forbidden acts of exploration.

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