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What’s new with staff and contributors?

Congratulations to Gareth Porter, reporter for InterPress Service and frequent contributor, for winning the Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism in London. This honor is for his outstanding research into the military’s targeted killing strategy in Afghanistan.

Also congratulations are due for our Director of Operations Angela Keaton for being nominated for the Zoe Taylor Award as “an outstanding female activist who has shown courage, principle, and virtue through her activism.” The award “will be presented before the screening of Silver Circle on Thursday, June 21.”

Angela recently appeared on both the Angel Clark and the Valerie Sargent Martin shows.

Our News Editor Jason Ditz will be on Don Griffin’s show to discuss drones, Monday at 2:00 PM ET on KJSL Truth Talk 630. Listen live!

Thank you for a successful quarter! We’ve had another eventful quarter here at and we have plenty of people to thank for all their hard work and support: Arlo J. Pignotti of AJ Processing, Jon Liebowitz, Norman Robbins, Aaron Tao, Brian Beyer, S.Miles Lewis of ANOMALY News, James Babb, Jason Osborne, Ian Freeman of Liberty Radio News, Joe Scarry of Midwest Antiwar, Historian Jay Janson, Zooey Greif of Antiwar Radio, Kevin Hall, Come Home America bloggers, Corey Moore of Ron Paul Radio, Austin Petersen formerly of Fox Business News.

This week’s top news:

2,000th US Soldier Killed in ‘Operation Enduring Freedom’: The occupation of Afghanistan – the war without end – reached another grim milestone this week, when Marine Corporal Taylor Baune died in the Helmand Province, bringing the overall toll of Operation Enduring Freedom to 2,000 American soldiers killed.

US Expands Military-Intelligence Operations in Africa: The US is expanding its covert military and intelligence operations across Africa, establishing a network of small bases and surveillance procedures as special operations forces infiltrate and train numerous armies, all under the dubious pretext of fighting terrorism.

Ex-Mossad Chief: Israeli Attack Will Push Iran To Develop Nuclear Weapons: The former chief of Israel’s foreign intelligence service is again speaking out against an Israeli strike on Iran, arguing that such preemption will only embolden the Islamic Republic and push them towards getting nuclear weapons.

US Backtracks on Claims Russia Is Arming Syrian Regime: Earlier this week the US accused Russia of shipping Syria a number of new attack helicopters to facilitate “massacres” across the nation. Russia insists the only new arms they sent to Syria were air defense, which Syria is stocking up on because of all the NATO calls to start bombing the nation.

House Members Call on Obama to Legally Justify ‘Signature’ Drone Strikes: Twenty-six members of Congress, led by Reps. Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul, have called on President Barack Obama to provide a legal justification for so-called “signature” drone strikes that the CIA and special operations forces have been launching in Pakistan and Yemen.

Opinion and Analysis


Angela Keaton will be speaking on techniques on how to speak to non-activists about the War at Porcfest, June 22nd.  Porcfest is an annual gathering of peace and freedom lovers in Lancaster, NH.


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