Attack the System: Interview with R.J. Jacob

Attack the System
Interview with R.J. Jacob
May 3, 2012Keith Preston interviews R.J. Jacob.

Topics include:


  • R.J.’s early experiences as a left-anarchist activist and his disappointment with the Left;
  • The importance of the thought of Max Stirner and the need to develop an anarchism without slave morality;
  • The efforts of American Revolutionary Vanguard and AttacktheSystem.Com to develop an alternative to archaic proletarian anarchism and PC-riddled left-anarchism;
  • How different forms of anarchism represent the levels of economic and social development of the countries from which they originate;
  • How the sectarian leftism of the mainstream anarchist movement unnecessarily inhibits the growth of anarchism and the contributions of anarcho-capitalism and national-anarchism to anarchist thought;
  • Why anarchists need to adjust their perspective given the stagnation of the Left and the increasing dynamism of the Right;
  • The need to preserve the nation while opposing the state.

R.J. Jacob runs The Daily Attack and is web master at

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  1. Well that was pretty intimidating, and I thought the videos were scripted. Maybe it would be an idea if Keith and RJ made the ATS show a double act?

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