Attack the System: Interview with Attie Schutte Reply

Listen to the interview.

April 12, 2012

Attie Schutte

Keith Preston interviews Attie Schutte. Topics include:

  • Attie’s background as a native Afrikaner and his observations of the changes in the South African nation since the coming to power of the African National Congress;
  • The current state of the South African economy, politics, and race relations;
  • The highly successful Afrikaner intentional community of Orania;
  • How Attie became aware of the dangers posed by all ideologies when they are combined with state power and developed an interest in the ideas of philosophical anarchism;
  • The shocking escalation of violent crime in South Africa and the problems this poses for the future security of the Afrikaner people.

Attie Schutte works and lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is a political activist of Afrikaner descent and member of the Orania Movement. His interests have grown from self-sufficient localism and ethno-nationalism to the various schools of anarchism.

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