Ron Paul as a prototype for anarchists

I think the Ron Paul movement is evidence of what actually works. He’s obviously the best thing the mainstream libertarians have yet to achieve and that’s because he focuses on issues that affect everyone and that lots of different kinds of people are interested in. He has a solid anti-state, anti-war, anti-Fed message that transcends the usual points of contention from the left and right. That allows him to have a crossover appeal to the more conventional right as well as the antiwar left.

I don’t think RP is the solution, but he’s a prototype for something more extreme down the line. ATS has roughly the same kind of audience he does, except we’re a lot more radical in both rhetoric and objectives.

In my own work I’ve been able to achieve a fairly large audience among both the far Right and conventional libertarians, some ordinary conservatives, some liberals, some antiwar leftists (those who take their anti-imperialism seriously), some left-anarchists (those who take their anti-statism seriously), some Green decentralist types, some New Age/occult types, some nationalists/militants among racial/ethnic minority groups, some libertine-individualist sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll types. This is consistent with my ten core demographics theory. The common thread is that all of these demographics have profound grievances against the state. And as I’ve written before, the way to mainstream this effort is to become the champions of the ordinary person’s bread and butter issues which will continue to become a lot more pressing with time.

The left-wing anarchists have been most successful when they’ve focused on such issues (see Greece). As Vince said recently, what matters to most people is their livelihood, family, neighborhood, house, car, church, etc. That’s why the Reason magazine “video games and internet porn” version of libertarianism, the “Folsom Street Fair Uber Alles” perspective of the left-libertarians, or the “open borders though the heavens fall” ideology of the left-anarchists goes nowhere. Most people see themselves as either unaffected by these things, are personally indifferent, or even repulsed. Any radical movement that doesn’t understand that will fail. Kropotkin essentially said the same thing during the heyday of classical anarchism.

Keith P.

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