Weekend News Digest

Anti-Government “Sovereign Movement” on the Rise in the U.S.

A Welsh Dad is Facing Trial After Transforming Himself Into an Apache Indian

TSA Manager Arrested for Running a Prostitution Ring

U.S. Trial Program Would Spy on Internet Users to Prevent Animal Abuse

Pentagon Backs Expanding Israel’s Iron Dome

Judge Acquits 7 Hutaree Militia Members Accused of Terrorist Plot

Becoming Uzbekistan by Fred Reed

Insane Michigan Government Announces Plan to Destroy Ranch Livestock Based on Hair Color and Arrest Hundreds of Ranchers as Felons

Man Tased, Dragged Out of Airport

The CIA Wants to Spy on You Through Your TV

Sarkozy: Jail Those Who Browse Terror Websites

Minimum Alcohol Price Planned for England and Wales

Man Arrested Over Alleged Racist Twitter Remarks

Is the NDAA Illegal?

The Smoke Nazis

Executive Order Panic: Martial Law in U.S.?

Eric Holder: “We Must Brainwash People on Guns”

Cameras at U.K. Gas Stations Will Block Uninsured Drivers From Refueling

The Case for the Non-Revolutionary Ownership of Guns

What Isn’t for Sale?

11 Reasons America Would Be a Better Place Without Goldman-Sachs

Obama Campaign Gets More Air Force Aircraft

Spinning Business As Usual

NYPD Officer Thrown in Psych Ward by Superiors After Revealing Systemic Corruption

Exec: Goldman Official Called Clients “Muppets”

The Big Hoax by Thomas Sowell

Dante’s Divine Comedy is “Offensive and Should Be Banned”

Bill Introduced to Regulate Men’s Reproductive Health

Proponents of Gold Standard May Be Violent Extremists

Inflation to Rapidly Increase Around the World in 2012

U.S. Congress Shelled Out $250 Million for Israel’s Iron Dome Rocket System

FBI Director Checks if Obama Has the Right to Kill Americans on US Soil

School: No 1st Amendment Here

How to Get Anything Past TSA Nude Body Scanners

Why By the Cow?


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