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  1. I know it’s ‘dumbed down’ but I still cringe at some of these labels – especially the ones of places I am familiar with such as ‘KKK,’ ‘Mexico’ and ”Cuba.’ The friendliest one is probably ‘Mormons’ since it’s mostly true that the dominant religion there is that church. But as far as the ‘KKK’ that may be the impression out side of the South but the Klan has almost no members, no support and no power. In fact, miscegenation (which I see as a very negative act) is quite common here, especially amongst the lower classes. In a ‘KKK’ land that would certainly not be possible. Anyhow, I think we need more positive ‘key words’ to identify pan-secessionist regions.

  2. (acknowledging the joke) I’d say that the states marked on this map are still far too large, most being the size of the biggest European states. I was thinking something more like this, but even more so.


    (see map of the HRE)

    Besides I rather like the idea that in a secessionist society these kinds of “block colour maps” wouldn’t be able to reflect the political situation of thousands of sovereign communities operating a wide range of alliances, federations and trade zones, ideally overlapping each other in layers. Should result in a few bald cartographers.

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