LTC Terry Lakin Denied Kansas Medical License for Challenging Obama's Eligibility: Same Board Approved License for Doctor that Killed Patient

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A Kansas board that denied a licensed doctor of osteopathic medicine a license was primarily concerned about the man’s political views.

The Kansas State Board of Healing Arts is a 15-member panel appointed by the governor and decides the fate of doctors in Kansas.

Terrence Lee Lakin rose to the ranks of lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army. He served on the front lines in Afghanistan and the war zone in Bosnia as well as a medical mission to Honduras. He saved lives around the world and received a Bronze Star for his service.

“I like helping people,” said Lakin. “And I’ve been, since college wanting to be in medical field and help others.”

But a dispute over whether President Barack Obama was born in the United States led to Lakin being forced from the military and apparently led to the Kansas board in October denying him a medical license to practice in the Sunflower State.

The board repeatedly refused comment on their decision, but a transcript of Lakin’s shows board members didn’t concern themselves with Lakin’s 18-year spotless medical record.

“They hammered me for my political views,” said Lakin. —–

—– KCTV5’s investigation reveals that in 2008, the KSBHA board approved the license of another doctor with a history of medical mistakes and malpractice payouts. One patient died after a drill mishap in the operating room. A surgical error caused repeated electrical shocks to a second patient. And a third patient wasn’t even that doctor’s patient. The physician didn’t notice, ended up performing brain surgery on the wrong man and caused permanent damage.

The board refused our repeated requests for an interview about the decisions it makes and the seeming disparity of these two cases. A renowned University of Pennsylvania medical ethicist, Art Caplan, agreed to weigh in on the situation.

“Political beliefs, I think, should play no role,” said Caplan. “Is it going to be a popularity contest that decides what political views you can have as a doctor? Or is it going to be the majority views that decides what political views you can have? Obviously, again – I don’t think this is relevant to who practices well.”

Lakin agrees with Caplan. “I knew medical boards had a bad reputation. I had hoped this issue would have nothing to do with my practice.”

Lakin’s only recourse now is a judicial appeal, but he’s uncertain that he can afford the costs. He has a book coming out this month detailing his experiences.

VIDEO REPORT BELOW AND FULL REPORT HERE: http://www.kctv5.com/story/16666365/the-doctor-willwont-see-you


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