Attack the System: Interview with Richard Spencer

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Richard Spencer

Keith Preston interviews Richard Spencer. Topics include:

  • The origins of the “alternative right” and how it differs from the mainstream “conservative movement”;
  • The impact of the thought of Friedrich Nietzsche as the principal intellectual influence on the alternative right;
  • Why alternative rightists tend towards a more skeptical view of American power around the world than ordinary conservatives;
  • The greater willingness alternative right thinkers to entertain a more critical view of Christianity and why Christians on the alternative right tend to lean more towards Catholic traditionalism or Orthodoxy as opposed to the Protestant fundamentalism of American conservatives;
  • Why the United States is unsustainable as a nation-state entity.

Richard Spencer is the founder of AlternativeRight.com, executive director of the National Policy Institute, a former editor of Taki’s Magazine and the American Conservative, and host of the Vanguard Internet radio program.

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  1. There was some interesting material covered in this interview. I thought the connection between the Alt Right here and the New Right in Europe was interesting and Keith brought that out in his question about religion and the antipathy towards Evangelical Christian-Zionism in both camps. The connections between the Alt Right and the Left as far as criticising US imperialism was also interesting. As far as Neitzsche I’ll admit that I’ve only read some of his works and haven’t been greatly influenced by him. I think there are other philosophical/literary/political figures that have shaped the Alt Right (and myself) and it would be interesting to hear them discussed in the future. I know Alain de Benoist is loved by some folks but honestly he turns me off and I still consider myself connected somewhat to the Alt Right. I know Dr Sunic and others love him but I don’t see him as a consistent thinker like someone like Hoppe (though they are completely different in their focus and so that’s perhaps not a fair comparison). Anyhow, interesting stuff, Keith. Enjoyed it.

    I know, Keith, that you said Dr Hill is on your list to interview. I have great respect for Dr Hill and am a member of the League of the South. I will say though that there are various types of Southern nationalism. Dr Hill is more in the paleo-conservative camp. A growing number of us are more radical in our evaluation of the state and other questions though. We are closely connected but perhaps it’s a generational difference. Anyhow, a lot of us young folks in the movement have been strongly influence by folks like Hoppe and ideas like Austrian Economics that the older school (though not necessary older in age) Southern nationalists haven’t, at least not to the same degree. We would build on the thinking of folks like Rhett, Calhoun and Davis but also bring in Hoppe and various Alt Right thinkers. One thing too, most of this crowd (which I’m associated with) is generally not Evangelical but instead are either Catholic, Orthodox or not very religious. This is a connection we have to the Alt Right. Anyhow, thought you might find that interesting.

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