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  1. Isn’t this group based out of Russia and don’t they have ties to the Russian government? Kind of odd they’re writing a manifesto for North America…then again maybe not, LOL.

  2. No, I know a lot of the Open Revolt and New Resistance folks. They’re heavily influenced by Alexander Dugin and some of them are N-Bs but most of them are American or Canadian.

  3. Why a green star? Surely a black one is the obvious choice under semiotic political conventions?

    Serious issue. Where would communism have got without the hammer and sickle or the Red Star? Where would anarchism be without the black flag or the circled A? What should I graffiti onto Walmart’s Wall?

    Secessionism (AKA various) should have a symbolic representation. How about an ATS convention?

  4. That’s probably cause of their ecological outlook, there’s a discussion like that on symbolism going on on the National Anarchist Movement FB page. I like the black star, the black and red star, the purple star of NA, Jeremy’s old black flag with the Gasden snake, and my own symbol of a black-and-white American flag scheme or a black-white-and-teal one. Whatever it is, it seems black and gold works well for us.

  5. Pretty…..interesting exchange posted recently on the National Anarchist page between the two groups. If that’s the kind of shit that’s going to start happening it might be best to avoid both groups because that’s what ends political movements….and lives.

  6. Here’s why we use the Green Star….

    “Some Comrades have wondered why we use the Green Star as the symbol for New Resistance (and for the name of this our news site).
    Here’s the meaning of the Green Star from Comrade James P:
    “The color Green is very important to New Resistance.
    Green is the color of Revolution, of Freedom and of Justice. It is also a constant reminder of our martyred influence the hero Muammar Gaddafi. This is why our star is Green.
    The five pointed star has many meanings, here’s a few:
    Five for the five fingers of the revolutionary’s hand.
    Five for the five continents we hope to see liberated in Revolutionary struggle.
    Five for the elements of society we draw our cadres from: the worker, the student, the intellectual, the soldier and the outlaw. For the esoteric minded five also represents man himself (or herself).
    The Green Star is certainly not something we didn’t put thought and discussion into or that we chose strictly for it’s aesthetic appeal.”


  7. Also that juche link is from a disgruntled pig-boy who tried to squirm his way into NR.

    Here’s the story about him, exposed long before the slander site listed here:


    Thanks Keith for telling the truth about us.

    None of us are Russian. The history of our leaders is the history of national revolutionaries in North America. Both the canadian leader and American leader of NR were there in a international alliance with the NRF when they coined the term national anarchism in the 90s.

    Best regards to Attack the System.

  8. The posting of the NR member at the NA group matches the description of this person written about on the Juche-Songon page. Political groups composed of low level thugs making violent threats on the internet and offline usually always end up failing in more ways than one. Good luck with that.

  9. I dunno but the political associations of the colour Green, for most people in the West, I would have thought had more to do with environmentalism, and then Islam, than the Big G’s Third Positionism.

    Fair enough on the five pointed star, it does inarguably stand for revolution and sovereignty in political symbology.

    It’s gotta be Black thought, because that’s the colour associated with Anarchy and because it’s the coolest colour. Note to NA-M, just the symbol is fine, no need for NA-M to be written across it, makes you look insecure.

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