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I can’t say that I’ve been supportive of the “Anonymous” online movement—the collective of hackers associated with, among other things, the outlandish wiki-page Encylopedia Dramatica, the antiwar Wikileaks.com, and various denial-of-service attacks against Master Card, PayPal, and the federal government. That said, even if their ideology was something on the order of “FUCK EVERYTHING!!!”-Anarcho-Leftism, Anonymous certainly had the right enemies: political correctness, the military industrial complex, the Federal Reserve System, etc. That’s a start.

Moreover, Anonymous represents something that is necessary, if potentially toxic—a vanguard that aggressively calls out the System as morally and intellectually bankrupt. (We and Anonymous can be allies, if not quite friends.)

Looking at Anonymous’s latest project, however, the thought crossed my mind that it 1) had been captured by the System 2) was a group of System operatives all along, or 3) includes people so deluded by the System’s ideology that it is unwittingly working on the System’s behalf.

Enter “NaziLeaks.com”:

The launch of nazi-leaks.net follows the start of Operation Blitzkrieg, a campaign against neo-Nazi and other far-right sites attributed to Anonymous.

The site includes a list of individuals the hacker group alleges are donors to the National Democratic Party (NPD).

The NPD are reported to be considering legal action against the site.

Anonymous is a loose-knit gathering of hackers best known for attacks launched in 2010 against companies such as Mastercard, Visa and Paypal in response to their withdrawal of services from Wikileaks.

A statement purporting to be from Anonymous announced the launch of Operation Blitzkrieg.

“We hereby call to you to identify sites where the nazis gather . . . collect the data and co-ordinate attacks,” it said.

The nazi-leaks.net data, the authenticity of which has not so far been verified, also included some NPD emails, customer lists from far-right stores, as well as contact information from a weekly paper.

Some of the data had already been published online, German media reports suggest.

In other words, Anonymous has become the Southern Poverty Law Center—2.0. (Nazileaks.com is operating, if you’d like to visit and live out your own Girl With the Dragon Tattoo fantasy.)

And the inglorious basterds seem to have acquired their first scalp (or, more accurately, they were on the scene, lending a helping hand, when a well-intentioned American patriot got e-outed as a racist.)

The Portland Press Herald reports:

Around 11 a.m. Tuesday, officials at the Maine Heritage Policy Center first saw an anonymous blog alleging that one of their staffers had made statements online praising a video produced by white supremacists.

By 5 p.m., that staffer, Leif Parsell, was fired. [I can’t believe it took them six hours.]

Fueled by bloggers all day Tuesday, the story reached its conclusion before most mainstream media outlets had a chance to weigh in.

Parsell himself represented something new to Maine. He was a reporter for the Maine Wire, a news agency operated by the Maine Heritage Policy Center, a conservative think tank. […]

On Tuesday, an anonymous website called The State of Maine posted a story, “The Maine Heritage Policy Center Hires a Reporter Who Advocates White Supremacy.”

The story posted links to comments that Parsell made on PolicyMic, a crowd-sourced news and discussion forum. In one of the comments, Parsell wrote that “cultural diversity combines with our increasing racial and ethnic diversity to degrade society.”

Parsell linked to a video clip of Jared Taylor, a white nationalist, who says that diversity creates a “crazy mish-mash” that leads to social conflict and a dim future for white people.

The video is promoted by the National Policy Institute, which on its website portrays itself as a defender of the nation’s white majority against policies that favor nonwhite immigrants and minorities.

In a Facebook posting, Parsell warns about American’s decline and says he wants to see a nation that continues to be “full of Europeans.” He said he’d rather have a country that has fallen behind India and China than “sold its soul to non-European immigrants and lost its culture.”

After The State of Maine posted its story, liberal political bloggers Gerald Weinand, Mike Tipping and Dan Aibel shared the story with their Twitter followers and berated the Maine Heritage Policy Center.

After he read The State of Maine story, Dutson said, he clicked through the links and was upset by what he saw. He talked with Parsell late Tuesday afternoon, after Parsell returned from an assignment at the State House, and fired him.

You can all rest assured: America has been saved from an imminent Nazi-style takeover and a young man in Maine who had positive things to say about a video I produced last year and who doesn’t fully endorse mass-democracy has been stopped in his tracks. Fight the System!

The website DownEast.com writes about the NaziLeaks angle:

Parsell’s name and college email also appear in a database recently released by an offshoot of the hacker collective Anonymous called Nazi-Leaks or Operation Blitzkreig, which hacked a series of neo-nazi affiliated sites to retrieve their membership rolls. Parsell’s information appears on a list (linked on this post) purporting to show individuals who purchased clothing or apparel from neo-nazi-linked German retailer Thor Steinar.

This episode brings to mind a deeper lesson. Elites of the past presented themselves as elites; indeed, they did so with pomp and circumstance: martial uniforms, marks of heredity and heraldry, and the like.

George and Nick

Tsar Nicholas II and King George V

Our elite, on the other hand, pretends that it’s not an elite, that it’s “democratic” etc. Our post-’60s counter-culture elite has upped the ante, presented itself as vigilantly waging war on a phantasmagoric “elite”: variously, Nazis, fascists, Southern racists, the old-WASP establishment who cruelly kept people out of social clubs, Germans, South African Apartheidists et al.

Captain Nazi

DC Comics’s “Captain Nazi”

Among other things, this deceptive strategy short-circuits the thinking of the actual counter-culture (for example, Anonymous)—who want the elitist Bad Guys to look like the elitist Bad Guys they learned about in history class. The result is that hacker anarchists becomes sellouts to The Man.

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