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  1. I *might* hold up a similar sign to highlight the absurdity of corporate bailouts while the public is saddled with all manner of debt and taxes, but then too many mainstream liberals would take me deadly serious. There’s already a massive transfer of wealth going to universities and colleges via student loans, which basically go to pyramid building on campuses and also to supporting an intellectual elite for the state. The problem here is that people like this fellow think that this is the only route to an education. The answer is self education rather than having the state directly pay inflated tuition.

  2. “You shouldn’t even ask your parents to pay your tuition.”

    Funny how that is so ingrained into our culture! Here, have some student loan debt, car debt, mortgage, credit card debt… alright! Good job! Now start saving so you send your kids to the most expensive match making service in the world where they will drink heavily and shackle themselves to the system as you have! Then, when you’re 60 or so you can start thinking about “saving” for retirement.

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