Two Arizona Wal-Mart Workers Rob Store, Plan Sex-Change Getaway


Think of it as Thelma & Louise 2: F2M. Two employees of a Phoenix Wal-Mart are in police custody after having robbed the store of $45,000. Half of the money was spent on a getaway car; the other half was set aside so that one of them could have surgery to become a man.

That woman, Spencer Culler, 23 (pictured, left), and her male accomplice, Adriano Altiveros, 19, were arrested in Prescott, 80 miles northwest of Phoenix. According to video surveillance footage, Altiveros distracted store cashiers while Culler let herself into the cash room and made off with the money. Cullen handed over the money to Altiveros, who spent $22,000 on a Toyota Supra from a private seller.

“Cullen told detectives that … her motive for stealing the money was to go forward with a sex change operation that she had wanted,” Prescott police spokesman Lt. Andy Reinhardt told Reuters by telephone.

Reinhardt said that “all but 31 cents” of the stolen money had been recovered. It’s not much, but it could probably buy a decently sized tube sock for pant-stuffing.

[azfamily.com, mugshot via Phoenix PD]

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