Gun Control and False Flags

Article by Stuart Bramhall.


Virginia Tech MassacreVirginia Tech Massacre

This is the last of three posts regarding the reasons some progressives oppose gun control.

No discussion of gun control would be complete without mentioning the high rate of “lone nut” shooting sprees that occur in the US. I have always found it extremely puzzling that these events are far more common in the US than in other countries with a high rate of gun ownership. There is growing evidence that many of these apparently senseless shootings are actually “false flag” operations. In other words, they are staged by military and intelligence insiders to mobilize public support for gun control legislation.

False flag operations are a classic tool of espionage and deception, an operation in which an attack is planned by one, usually governmental source, but blamed either on another government or a lone nut. In the US, false flag operations are commonly used to terrorize the citizenry into accepting an unpopular war or repressive legislation, such as the Patriot Act.

History is full of false flag operations:

Researchers who study lone nut shooting sprees note that the shooters usually fit a distinctive profile that includes both a military and intelligence background, as well as a clear personality change in the absence of formal mental illness.

Charles Whitman is believed to be the first false flag lone nut shooter. In 1968, Whitman climbed a tower at the University of Texas and shot 16 people. This was a month before Johnson persuaded Congress to pass the first gun control legislation. Whitman, a former Marine, had received training by the Naval Enlisted Science Education Program (NESEP), an intelligence entity. He left a note which read, in part, “I don’t understand what is compelling me to type this note. I have been to a psychiatrist I have been having fears and violent impulses.”

It’s unclear exactly how these men are manipulated into committing senseless acts of mass violence. The most popular theory is that they are the product of a Manchurian candidate scenario, incorporating mind bending techniques the CIA perfected in their MK-ULTRA program in the sixties and seventies.

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