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Elizabeth Wright, RIP

Obituary by Richard Spencer.


I am saddened to learn of the death of Elizabeth Wright, the long-time editor of Issues and Views and a frequent writer for this online magazine. In AltRight’s infancy, Elizabeth made outstanding contributions, including devastating critiques of the Tea Party movement, all of which are worth revisiting.

I hesitate to use casual language, but if I could sum up Elizabeth’s writing in a phrase, it would be that she was willing and able to cut through the crap—to dispense with pretty lies and taboos in search of the truth, regarding race, politics, culture, and a host of other matters she examined. On a number of occasions in private conversation, my friend Paul Gottfried compared Elizabeth’s penetrating and undeceived mind to that of Sam Francis. A high compliment, indeed.

That Elizabeth was one of a kind, and irreplaceable, makes her death all the more heart-breaking. Without question, the history of the 20th century would have been different if Black Americans had looked to conservatives like Elizabeth, as opposed to the civil-rights industry, for wisdom and guidance.

She will be missed


Jared Taylor’s remembrance of Elizabeth can be read here.

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