Traveling to Israel

Congressman Pat Meehan shows whose side he’s really on.


Next week, I will be traveling to Israel as a member of a Congressional delegation that will meet with senior Israeli and Palestinian leaders to discuss the security situation in the Middle East.
The last several months have seen dramatic changes in the Middle East. Uprisings in Egypt, Syria, Libya and several other nations have produced geopolitical repercussions that will be felt for decades to come. Iran, through its support for radical Islamic terrorist groups and development of nuclear weapons, poses an increasingly dangerous risk to America and our allies worldwide.
These changes will have a profound impact on the foreign policy interests of both Israel and the United States, and regular dialogue between our two nations enables us to work together more effectively to ensure our mutual security. This trip, sponsored by the American Israel Education Fund and funded without the use of any taxpayer dollars, is an opportunity for members of Congress to continue this critical dialogue with Israel’s leadership and enhance cooperation between our nations.
As Chairman of the House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence, I’ve held hearings that examine the unrest in the Middle East and its implications for American antiterrorism efforts, as well as the threat posed by Hezbollah, a terrorist group sponsored by Iran. I look forward to discussing these issues with our Israeli allies and reaffirming our commitment to winning the worldwide fight against terrorism.

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