Obama Lies 7 Times In Under 2 Minutes!

Watch the video.


Earlier today, we ran a rather colorful editorial by Dr. Adrian Krieg titled The Dirt! In that editorial Krieg exposes an embarrassing list of character flaws exhibited by America’s leading political class. And naturally, Barack Obama doesn’t escape the clutches of Krieg’s rather venomous pen. He writes:

We could simply not forget our President. After all, he promised us the most open and legitimate administration in history. We got CHANGE instead with the most corrupt, secretive, lying, stonewalling, cover up, scandal-based Presidency – one that exhibits a total disregard of law, the US Constitution and the American Bill of Rights. It is the worst administration in our history. I thought Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were bad. And they certainly were – they were shysters. But Barack Obama takes the cake. He lied in regards to the Blogo matter, he lies daily on the economy, employment, finance, housing, income and anything else I can think of. In fact, Obama tells so many lies that he can’t even remember what he said last week and continuously trips himself up on falsehoods he espoused just the day before.

So we decided to take a quick trip around the ‘Net to see if we could find a video that gives some examples of the kind of lies Dr. Krieg credits to Mr. Obama. Lo and behold it didn’t take too long to come up with a vast selection from which to choose and we decided this one from his previous presidential campaign might suffice. Hopefully the voting public all get to see “performances” like this one prior to the upcoming 2012 election. Maybe then the voters could do a little character comparison between an actor like Obama and someone with real integrity, like Dr. Ron Paul.

Without further ado, courtesy of The Channel of Liberty, Obama’s lies …

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