The Essence of the "Hate Group" Strategy

Important observations from Tom DiLorenzo.

LRC readers are aware that a key political strategy of the Marxist left (which we used to call the “lunatic left”) is to attempt to censor all criticisms of their socialistic policies by claiming that their critics are “haters,” “extremists,” “racists,” etc. This immoral and anti-social practice is called “ritual defamation,” as Laird Wilcox explains. It really has no place in a free society, and is identical to how the former communists dealt with their internal critics (i.e., condemning them as “enemies of the state,” guilty of “economic crimes,” etc).

Rather than debating the issues, as much of the non-lunatic left does, they simply call people names. Every conservative and libertarian organization is routinely labeled as “far right, anti-government,” the same language that is used for every crackpot who commits murder in public. All of this language comes from the Southern Poverty Law [and Hedge Fund] Center, which the media just adores since they, too, are part of the lunatic left for the most part.

This strategy comes down to this: It is essentially the language of a two-year-old who, since he is incapable of engaging in much of a reasoned debate, simply says, “You’re mean. Waaaaaaaaaaah.”

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