Highway Robbery

From The Agitator.
Kudos to Nashville’s News 5 for doing this investigation. Note that even if you buy into this crap—that the drug war is worth fighting, and that asset forfeiture is an essential part of fighting it—the cops are letting the drugs go in order to pursue the cash. And that’s not just in Tennessee. In my asset forfeiture piece for Reason, I found academic papers noting incidents in which cops would find a stash house, but wouldn’t bust the place until all or most of the drugs had been sold. There’s no return on a house full of dope. There’s plenty of return on a house full of cash.

And of course all of that is really beside the point. The more fundamental problem, here: This is just state-sanctioned robbery by another name.

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  1. My favorite part has to be the turf conflicts between competing police agencies. It really just shows how they are truly nothing more than organized crime. It sounds like they reached a deal using a method and a solution that would make the mafia proud; their bosses had a sit down and agreed to let one outfit operate on the other’s turf as long as they kicked up points.

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