Venezuela getting better all the time

Article from Prensa Latina.
The visitor who walks the streets of cosmopolitan Caracas can soon see the Venezuelans are living in a moment of joy, marked by positive social change that is a benefit to the population.

It is because year after year, since 1999 when Hugo Chavez assumed the presidency of the country, the reasons have increased to support the transformation process chosen since the accumulated achievements are numerous.

First the missions have implemented plans to ensure medical attention, education, social inclusion and other basic rights, which served as a starting point to guarantee to reduce the wide gap between the working class and the local bourgeoisie.

As soon as these essential benefits were obtained of providing basic medical care for all Venezuelans, then teaching reading and writing to those who had never had a book in their hands and ensuring the continuity of studies took place.

The government then consolidated an offensive against poverty.

Today, as the liberator Simon Bolivar said and to paraphrase the President, the hard-working programs have a goal of giving the biggest sum possible of happiness to the people.

In this sense, the work is moving to achieve food security, ensure a decent home for every family, to incorporate workers to formal employment, increasing minimum wages and including more people in the pensioners’ records, among other goals.

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  1. So this is a positive article concerning the Loony-Right’s constant demon Chavez. I’m not saying I like him all that much, but then alot of the people against him are the same scumbags who post pro-Pinochet messages on any Youtube video that details his crimes. Sure Chavez might be pouncing on freedom of speech and all that, but I think it’s because he’s scared — he knows what happened to Allende and he’s not stupid.

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