Fear of an Erudite White

Jim Goad reviews Jared Taylor’s new book.
As if the unprecedented social experiment of pouring several dissimilar schools of fish into the same aquarium and pretending they won’t fight over food and territory wasn’t foolhardy enough, Taylor sees special danger in the severely unequal application of cultural taboos regarding racial pride. In the game of Ethnic Musical Chairs, whites are the only group that wound up falling on the floor without a seat:

White racism is commonly alleged to be the great obstacle to harmonious race relations in the United States, but whites are the only group that actually subscribes to the goal of eliminating race consciousness and that actively polices its members for signs of such consciousness….The only occasion on which it is acceptable for whites to speak collectively as whites is to apologize….Some whites have gone well beyond color-blindness and see their race as uniquely guilty and without moral standing….At what point would it be legitimate for whites to act in their own group interests? When they become a minority? When they are no more than 30 percent of the population? Ten percent?…Eventually, whites will come to understand that to dismantle and even demonize white racial consciousness while other races cultivate racial consciousness is a fatal form of unilateral disarmament.

As with his earlier Paved With Good Intentions, Taylor relentlessly documents sickening heaps of hateful and genocidal anti-white rhetoric that in many cases not only goes unpunished but is instead rewarded by politicians. After openly encouraging the rape of white women and the wholesale slitting of white throats, Amiri Baraka was appointed New Jersey’s poet laureate. In the same year that Chicano activist Mario Obledo boasted that California was becoming a Hispanic state and that “anyone who don’t like it…should go back to Europe,” President Bill Clinton awarded him the Medal of Freedom.

The mainstream media is likewise criminally complicit in maintaining such dangerously unsustainable double standards, perhaps most profoundly when it comes to interracial violence. If white youth anywhere in America were doing anything along the lines of “polar bear hunting,” you’d never hear the end of it. But as it stands, you’ve probably never heard of polar bear hunting.

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  1. As expected, I have some disagreements with this article. I used to read Taylor’s website a fews years back, and as well, I have skimmed one of his earlier books, and listened to some of his debates and presentations so I’m not just coming from a know nothing position. I don’t think Taylor is a nazi, a bigot , or anything else like that so let me remove that from the discussion to start with.

    Now having said that, I want to get to me disagreements on real substantial issues. The first thing that I want to point out is that the author (of the article) clearly does not have a lot of trust in the market or capitalism as he sees groups desperately fighting over a dwindling piece of the pie, thus his analogy of fish in an aquarium fighting over food and territory. Leaving aside that rather unattractive view of life, it seems to me that the author does not believe that the pie can be made bigger, but the fact is it certainly has and I don’t know whether that was capitalism, just the free market, the government, or other reasons (economics is not my thing, I know next to nothing) but the point is that it has. I happen to think that there is a possibility (if people don’t screw everything up) that technology could take us to a point where scarcity is reduced almost to nothing and the need to fight over resources would all but vanish. If such a scenario were to come about in the future, I actually think it would allow people freedom of association far beyond what can realistically be achieved now. In such a world, people could choose to associate with nobody and still have the benefits of civilization, something I at times would find quite desirable.

    That leads me to another point, which is that maybe I’m just an extremely atypical human, but I don’t feel some sort of natural affinity to the white race and I sure as hell do not possess any “racial consciousness” and it has nothing to do with any “deeply cherished egalitarian beliefs” that I hold. In fact, the people who have had some of the deepest hatred against are people who are closest to me in terms of blood relations, it sure as hell isn’t thicker than water to me. In terms of studies that he mentions, I would point out that instincts that humans have evolved in order to produce the most offspring at a certain time in history and the idea that such “tribal instincts should be seen uncritically as guides to behavior are ludicrous. Think of the countless moths that have unwittingly led themselves to fiery deaths because of their instincts leading them astray. I myself become more inwardly uncomfortable if I encounter young males I don’t know (regardless of race) on the street vs. females and there are understandable socio-biological reasons why this is the case and those instincts of mine do have some useful value (I’m far more likely to be attacked by males than females). I do realize through the exercise of reason that most males are not a danger and I also do not live my life based on the assumption that every male is my enemy (though sometimes I think I should). I also find it odd that a conservative that believes (like most do) that people are innately evil and that children have to be strictly educated and disciplined (more disciplined) in order to curb their inborn destructive instincts in order to become civilized adults will then praise these primitive biological tribal instincts and ridicule efforts to educate them away. Also for elitists, I find this especially puzzling, considering that racism is a product of a primitive primate instinct, you’d think that such elitists would aspire to more than something that comes naturally to the average baboon.

    Another point is that I question how much solidarity there is among the white race, after all, in the previous century, whites probably killed far more members of their own race in a matter of a few years than have ever been killed by members of other races( Contra Stromfront types, I consider European Jews to be whites btw, and in fairness, so does Taylor). Those thugs will have to do a hell of a lot more “polar bear hunting” in order to even match a tiny fraction of the amount of white deaths from the two World Wars. I do have an area of agreement with the article, which is that white people should not accept being apologetic for past grievances while allowing other races to precipitate hatred among themselves for whites (and other races), there should be one standard for all. I also think that Tim Wise is a complete and utter moron.

    And one more thing

    “He cites studies where infants favor photos of people who most resemble themselves and where adults, despite decades of exposure to anti-racist propaganda and their own deeply cherished egalitarian beliefs, tend to do the same thing.”

    Well when it comes to women I sure as hell don’t “favor … people who most resemble [myself].” Guess that means I won’t be able to join WAR http://www.resist.com/, what a shame to be deprived of such an opportunity in my life 🙂

  2. I’ve met Jared Taylor personally and while I like and respect him, he’s just too much of an old-fashioned conservative for my tastes. I think Taylor and others with views similar to his are making a mistake by focusing on things like minority crime, “IQ realism,” sociobiological arguments for tribalism, and so forth. That just makes them sound like old-fashioned 1920s-style racists.

    The biggest issue they have is their concern about the consequences for future generations of whites in light of mass immigration. I agree this is where they are at their strongest. I think they could make their case more effectively by focusing less on alleged genetic foundations for race differences and so forth and focusing instead on pragmatic political and cultural arguments :

    Mass Immigration + Totalitarian Humanist Ideology + All-Pervasive Statism=DANGER

    I don’t consider the claims of HBD enthusiasts to be that important one way or the other. A much more serious issue is the question of what will happen if unlimited numbers of people from cultures with deep-seated grudges against Westerners are transplanted into the West itself, combined with a political environment that encourages racial hatred of whites as evil oppressors and a perpetually expanding, ever more draconian state that is seen as the tool for rectifying past social, political, or racial wrongs. All of that has fairly ominous implications: The Final Solution to the Whiteness Question?

  3. A similar argument could be made concerning a lot of other groups on the Right. The religious right, for instance, would get further if they would forget about all the homo-bashing and focus more on how institutions attack themselves (the suspension of kids from school for carrying Bibles, for instance).

  4. “I happen to think that there is a possibility (if people don’t screw everything up) that technology could take us to a point where scarcity is reduced almost to nothing and the need to fight over resources would all but vanish.”

    This is what the Venus Project is doing, trying to use technology to beat the scarcity of resources. The problem with VP is that it’s a worldwide resource-based program where most of the work is done by robots. How would this 1) not be a worldwide cultural invasion, and 2) not constitute a monopoly on technology? It’s Marx 3000.

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