Novacadia: White Nationalist Political and Geographical Redoubt

Article by Sebastian Ernst Ronin advocating Novocadia as the suitable destination for a white separatist homeland. What’s ironic is that while that region may be among the whitest in North American, it’s also among the most liberal. It would be even more ironic if in the post-American scenario the white separatist nation ends up being the most politically leftist.
Contrary to the opinions expressed by Harold Covington, Novacadia is possibly the most natural bioregion on the continent and a prime contender to play a leading role in the White Nationalist secessionist movement. At the very least, and at the current time, it is on a par for secessionist potential with Alaska, Cascadia and Dixie, while obviously lagging behind Québec, Vermont and Texas, as are the latter others also. Novacadia is home to and potentially partnered with the most organized secessionist movement in NAmerika, the Second Vermont Republic, although the SVR currently shudders at the thought of Vermont being the first new White homeland. Lastly, the three New England states and the three Maritime provinces that constitute Novacadia comprise a total average 97% White population. The racial and ethnic status quo need merely be maintained. With rising Somali penetration in the New England states and a call for a population increase of 70 million in Kanada by century’s end, this challenge is not to be belittled. Certainly not to be misinterpreted is the fact that beneath the liberal veneer of Novacadians runs a staunch conservative backbone.

Politics, when all is said and done, is about turf. Particular rules of law, constitutions, judiciaries, fiscal structures, bureaucracies, social institutions, etc. are all sub-elements of an overriding geographical destination and jurisdiction. For White Nationalist secessionists the fundamental issue lies with the most proper, the most reasonable, the most balanced, or the most optimum size of the jurisdiction, primarily as relates to population size and only secondarily as relates to physical size. The most reasonable and most optimum size, in turn, translates into optimum rights and liberties, optimum safety and civic integrity for its citizens, and the optimum functioning of a free market economic system. This principle of reduced size is the bedrock of secessionist philosophy as laid out by the Austrian economist and jurist, Leopold Kohr in his now-classic, The Breakdown of Nations.

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