Don't Want to Live in a Dictatorship? Why Work in One

A Meetup group for Workplace Democracy.
This is an exploratory group for people interested in learning about, participating in, or starting worker-owned and worker-managed collectives, cooperatives, businesses or organizations.

Wikipedia explains worker self-management (or autogestion) as “a form of workplace decision-making in which the workers themselves agree on choices instead of an owner or traditional supervisor telling workers what to do, how to do it and where to do it… [It] is often the decision-making model used in co-operative economic arrangements such as worker cooperatives, workers’ councils, participatory economics, and similar arrangements where the workplace operates without a boss.”

Most modern corporations seem to resemble totalitarian centrally-planned economies where workers have very little say in what’s going on in their workplaces and lives. We wouldn’t wish to live in a totalitarian country. Why should we accept working in totalitarian organizations? While we might not always be able to change the existing organizations, we definitely can learn how to build better ones.

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