The Failure of Sectarian Strategy

by “Scott F” at the Gonzo Times
Anarchism or broadly libertarianism cannot succeed if alliances are limited only to a purist circle.The death of other political philosophies’ presence on the ground is largely due to it’s unwillingness to work outside set in stone parameters.One only need to look at organized Objectivism to see the truth in this.Anarcho-Capitalism is to some extent much the same.I’ve heard some who have a deep seated antipathy for any other anarchists that don’t fit their label.With that strategy they’ve cut themselves off from a great number of people who are in (certain respects) in agreement with them.

I need to make some caveats to this point though;It doesn’t mean we should work to get along politically with the most hardcore of statists(e.g. Far Right fascists) and it does not imply a relativism where anything goes and you must make apologies for being anarchist.What I’m getting at is where and if our support for a cause matches that of some other group or individual we should be willing and able to work with them for that cause provided it doesn’t require us to compromise to further statism or acceptance of Capitalism.

Some left libertarians have told me of their joy in working with Marxists, that’s one possible avenue.It seems to me that until our numbers grow or in areas where they are not very large, it’s important for us to reach out to those we can agree with on an issue by issue basis and work to avoid our goals.Being so sectarian as to avoid working with those who disagree with us in some ways on a specific issue will get us no where.Isolation never solved anything.All it helps is contribute to us languishing in obscurity and being so lacking in credibility that when we are discussed it’s with ridicule.Broad your mind,find common ground and see what you can achieve.

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