Fighting Globalisation

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After helping the Karen people in Burma and the Serbian minority in Kosovo, Casapound Italia has started a new international project, this time in favor of Kenyan orphans. For its first humanitarian mission in Africa, a delegation from CPI lead by Gianluca Iannone, and Solidarité-Identités, a French non-profit organization, went to Kenya to visit orphanages and to study the possibilities of financing courses as well as the creation of micro companies essential for these structures.

“Today, the life of these orphans is to work in the fields and go to school.” – explains Iannone. “We would like to help them develop other possibilities by organizing professional courses and doing some fund raising in order to create micro-enterprises. This would allow these youngsters to have another choice other than the one they have today, which is starving or becoming desperate invaders of another people’s country.”

“Multinationals and banks have been starving Africa for years. Thanks to them, Europe is exploding and Italy is on the front line. Millions of immigrants are pushed towards our coast by this form of modern slavery and their cosmopolitan principles. If we don’t want our world to become a huge tower of babel, the people must cooperate and remain masters in their own country. Casapound is on front line of the fight against globalisation.”

“We want to send a clear message with this new project: we must reverse the trend. Nations and people, who are free and independent, in charge in their own countries, must stand together against globalisation.”

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