Free the MOVE 9 Now!!!

Article by Ramona Africa. The MOVE sect has been relentlessly persecuted by the state for decades.
ONA MOVE! The MOVE Organization wants the press to know that this year marks twenty-six years since the bombing and murder of our innocent family members.

This year also marks thirty-three years of unjust imprisonment for our family members known as The MOVE 9. We have never and will never stop working for the release of our family.

While we will never let people forget the massacre of our family in 1985, our priority right now is to gain the release of our innocent family members.

Officials cannot give us back our family members that they murdered, but they can give us back our innocent family members that remain in prison despite their innocence.

Judge Edwin Malmed, the trial judge, admitted publicly on the Irv Homer radio talk show that he didn’t have “the faintest idea” who killed officer James Ramp on August 8, 1978, after he (not a jury) convicted and sentenced our nine family members to thirty to one-hundred years in prison.

After serving their minimum sentences and being recommended for parole by prison officials, the parole board has repeatedly denied MOVE people parole because they won’t lie and say they are guilty when they are in fact innocent.

We will be at Broad & Chestnut St. from 12:00pm til 3:00pm on Saturday May 14. We will be showing the documentary film on the August 8, 1978 police attack on MOVE on the evening of Friday May 13. We’ll announce the place shortly.

If this injustice is not newsworthy, important to you, then ask yourself if you would feel that way if you were innocent and spent thirty-three years in prison.

If you have any questions or would like to do an interview you can contact me at this email address or call me at 215 386-1165–ONA MOVE, Ramona Africa for The MOVE Organization.

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