Discover Where Corporations are Getting Taxpayer Handouts Across the United States

Check out the Subsidy Tracker.
A growing number of state governments are disclosing which companies they are giving tax breaks and other subsidies in the name of job creation and economic development. Yet much of that information is being disseminated through hard-to-find reports and web pages. SUBSIDY TRACKER is the first national search engine for state economic development subsidies. It brings together recipient data from a wide range of subsidy programs in states across the country.

Each entry identifies the recipient company and, depending on availability, provides data on the dollar value of the subsidy, the program and state agency involved, the location of the subsidized facility, and the employment impact of the subsidy. Each entry also indicates where the data came from, so the user can go to the original source for more information. For more information on the data, see the User Guide.

Subsidy Tracker is a work in progress. In the months to come we will seek to incorporate data from more programs covering more years. Subsidy Tracker currently contains more than 64,000 awards from 140 programs in 34 states.

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