Is Tribalism the Future?

Article by Pat Buchanan.
Tribalism suddenly seems ascendant over globalism.

Transnational institutions created to bring the world together — the IMF, World Bank, U.N., EU, NATO, WTO, G-8, Kyoto Protocol — are all under stress.

The artificial countries are coming apart. Sudan is sundering as Ethiopia did. Is Yemen next? Joe Biden argued for dividing up Iraq, which may happen when the Americans go.

China, with its crackdown on Tibetans and Uighurs, fears the pull and power of ethnonationalism. Saudi Arabia — by sending troops to aid the Sunni monarchy of Bahrain put down an uprising by its Shia majority — testifies to its us-versus-them view of the Arab world.

People are naturally attracted to the strong horse, not the weak horse, said Osama bin Laden. While democracy has great appeal to Third World peoples, it is often because democracy offers a sure path to power for the ethnonational majority to which they belong.

If Muller and Kedar are correct in their assessment of the eternal appeal of tribalism, America’s model of the ideal society — the more diverse that it is religiously, ethnically, culturally and racially, the better it is — would appear to be more than a mildly risky experiment.

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