Interesting website dealing with issues of black economic self-determination. Hat tip to Miles Joyner.
There are reports that in some sections the Black man has difficulty in voting and having counted the little white ballot he has the privilege of depositing twice a year. But there is a little green ballot he can vote through the teller’s window 313 days each year and no one will throw it out or refuse to count it. Booker T. Washington

Economic leverage is the most powerful tool available in a capitalistic society, and the Collective Empowerment Group (CEG), formerly known as the Collective Banking Group, has provided glowing examples of that truism for 16 years. Echoing and implementing the “green ballot” strategy of Booker T. Washington, the Collective Empowerment Group has used the strength of its hundreds of thousands of members to leverage reciprocal benefits from banks and other businesses. By coming together across all superficial boundaries, members of the CEG have demonstrated economic empowerment among Black churches and their congregants.

Now, moving into its next phase of development, the group has expanded its vision and its reach. The CEG is designing and executing initiatives that speak to and deal with the whole person by including in its mission a head-on assault on the myriad of issues that plague our communities. Health issues, political issues, criminal justice issues, employment issues, as well as economic issues are all on the table for the CEG, because the Church is the most effective vehicle to bring about the change that is sorely needed among our people.

Historically the Black Church attended to most of the needs of Black people. Many schools were established, businesses were started, benevolent societies began, children were taken in, the homeless were attended to, and the disenfranchised were comforted all by the Black Church. Why not today? Considering how much money Black churches deposit into banks every week, as well as the interest paid on church buildings, topped off by all of the folks who sit in the pews every Sunday and the staggering amounts they spend at various businesses, Black churches should rightly be at the front when it comes to economic empowerment.

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