The Alternative Right

A hit piece on the Alternative Right from the Left. Obviously, I have my disagreements with this article but the graphic below is hilarious:

In American society, and to a larger extent Europe, Canada and Australia, you’re seeing the rise of a movement that is best described as the “alternative right.” These guys are radical traditionalists, who through the election of a black president to the presidency in the United States, the rise of Hispanic and Muslim populations in Europe and America, have woken up to see a Western society that is no longer exclusively Western.

These guys may have just made snarky comments when George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan added women to the government or held demonstrations when Bush and Reagan opened the doors for immigrants but Barack Obama’s presidency, complete with a Latina on the Supreme Court and a black woman at the highest echelon of cultural authority telling them that they’re eating a crappy diet was just too much to take. Something had to be done.

That something is what you are seeing with websites like Richard Spencer’s Alternative Right, These guys aren’t prudent conservatives in the mold of Wayeed Ali who seek “organic change” over “forced change.” They’re radicals that want disruptive and forced change back to the past. Jay Batman fits smugly among these cretins, with his language alone fitting him squarely in the midst of these neo-fascists:

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  1. I heard Richard Spencer made it on the One People’s Project’s Rouge Gallery. He should be proud in my opinion. I think OPP/ARA/SPLC and other ‘antifa’ groups pretty much blow. Even though I hate nazi boneheads as much as they do (mostly for having rotten personalities), I think groups like that are just as reactionary and does little to stop real injustice.

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