Mercedes and Touch Bionics give teenager a hand; the electronic prosthetic kind
Mariella Moon

This time a week ago, 14-year-old Matthew James still lacked a left hand — something he’s had to live with all his life. But a life-changing procedure he went through on Friday gained him not only a new robotic hand, but also oodles of cool points.

James went to Reading School in the United Kingdom — the same school where Ross Brawn, Mercedes GP Petronas Formula One Team Principal, studied. Knowing how Brawn still regularly visits the school, James concocted a plan that would eventually lead to a collaboration between Mercedes GP Petronas and Scottish company Touch Bionics.  James wrote Brawn a moving letter detailing his ailment, and explained how much he wanted Touch Bionics’ highly-advanced electronic prosthetic hand, iLimb Pulse.

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